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Feeling unenthusiastic about PPI reclaims? Would you feel so lethargic if somebody entered your house and stole a thousand pounds in front of you? Or, if you noticed that somebody has been stealing £50 every month from your bank account for the past ten years? Certainly not, right? If yes, then you should be equally interested in filing PPI reclaims. Banks and financial institutions have earned tens of billions of pounds by conning you into buying useless PPI policies. PPI Claims Direct helps you recover the money with minimum hassles and delays. Want to know more?

Contrary to what you think, it is not too late to file PPI reclaims. Do not allow banks to fool you into believing that you are no longer entitled to file claims. Big banks like Lloyds, HSBC, and Barclays have been forced to hike their allocation towards missold PPI settlements due to steady increase in the volume of claims received. If you are certain that you are a victim of missold payment protection insurance, then you should proceed ahead and file your claim.

Just check out news portals online and search for PPI related news articles and blog posts. You will be surprised to find that total allocation has risen from £5 billion in the beginning of the year to more than £10 billion. The volumes of PPI complaints received continue to rise. Banks are discovering that they underestimated the magnitude of the issue. Hence, do not make the mistake of putting your PPI reclaims on the backburner.

Numbers apart, authorities like FSA and FOS have not let up their vigil. The FOS is still receiving a large number of appeals from victims of missold PPI policies. According to latest date, the FOS has received more than half a million appeals from people who found that their PPI reclaims had been rejected. While fake claims are being rejected, those with genuine claims are being awarded the money owed to them.

Media pressure too is making an impact. A quick search on the Internet will bring forth all the details related to PPI misselling. From how banks conned customers to how the British Banking Association sought to avoid the responsibility of payment of compensation in the High Court - you will get all the details online for free. If you have taken a mortgage loan, a credit card or have incurred any other debt in the past ten years, then you ought to confirm whether payments for missold PPI were slyly added to your account with your consent.

The process of filing PPI reclaims will become a lot simpler if you make use of the right intermediary. Taking up the task on your own and recovering your money by negotiating with banks may sound easy in theory. However, this process can be surprisingly difficult. You cannot expect banks to help you. You should be prepared to approach the FOS if your valid PPI reclaims are rejected. This process can seem complicated for a person who has never handled such tasks in the past. However, things will be different if you make use of PPI Claims Direct.

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