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PPI Claims

Filing PPI claims is often considered a complicated and stressful affair. It is natural to feel overawed by the prospect of negotiating with banks and financial institutions about something as technical and complicated as mis-sold insurance policies. The process gets even more complicated considering the fact that you ended up purchasing missold payment protection insurance policies without even being told what it was and why you should pay money for the same. Read ahead and you will learn how to ensure your PPI reclaim efforts are not marred by mistakes.

Don't Conclude It Is All Just A Fad

Whatever you do, do not shrug off the issue of missold PPI policies as just one of those small issues that modern media has hyped up. The total payout towards missold insurance policies is now an eleven-digit figure, more than ten billion pounds. Still think this is just a fad? Missold policies sold in the past ten years are now being reopened and insurers are being forced to compensate those who prove that they were indeed missold policies. Be rest assured that this controversy is not a fad or a minor issue. It has affected millions of individuals and you too could be one of them. Start the process by filing PPI claims and you may well end up receiving compensation from the insurer.

Banks Don't Refund Money, Right?

Wrong. Banks are bound by the law of the land and cannot refuse compensation once it is proved that they were guilty of misselling PPI policies. It has now been proved beyond doubt that PPI policies have indeed been missold. Hence, you should take steps to initiate the PPI reclaim process if you suspect that you have been conned out of your hard earned money.

Why Waste Money And Time Fighting For A Pittance?

PPI claims are not filed in the court. Rather, you, or the intermediary you choose, will first approach banks and offer proof that you have become a victim of PPI misselling. If the banks refuse your claim, then an appeal shall be filed with the Financial Ombudsman Service. The FOS is a dispute redressal forum and works a lot faster than civil courts.

Hence, your PPI reclaim effort will not get stretched for years and years. Rather, the entire process can be settled in a span of just a few months.

Too Late To File PPI Claims

Don't be in a hurry to conclude that your PPI reclaim efforts will fail due to lapse of time. Just collect details of your loans, credit cards, and debts incurred in the past ten years and use intermediaries to analyze whether you have a valid claim. If you have a fair claim, then your efforts will definitely not go waste. In any case, you need not pay anything until your PPI reclaim is approved and you receive your compensation.

Instead of getting cheated out of your hard earned money a second time, why don't you do your best and let the professionals take over the task of recovering the money? Just visit www.ppiclaimsdirect.net.

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